❝ You must be willing to change. You must be willing to break the deal you made with the devils within. You must be willing to leave the past and not be tempted to rebound when times are tough. You must be willing to let go of everything and anyone that takes you back to your mistakes. You must be willing to have hope. You must be willing to have hope that you can change and that you will and that you will be better. You must believe you are worthy of change and you are worthy of improvement and you are worthy of being the best. You must be willing to set aside your negative notions about life, about hardships, about people, about things, about yourself. You must be willing to stop feeling sorry for yourself while looking at the world move around you.

Get up and make something of yourself. ❞

Stumbled upon this fantastic quote! It just summed up what the last 5 months have been all about to me ! And I am sure many of you will feel the same way! 

❝ You must be w…


Dior + Harmony Korine = Magic
The perfect formula for the new fragrance!

The beginning : Getting organized

The beginning : Getting organized

It has been exactly one week since my return to Belgium.
Honestly, it still feels weird a little bit!
Focussing on the goal, on my dream. As promised, you guys can follow me from the very beginning, as I enter the big big world of make up. At this stage it is organizing time. Getting things sorted.
After being gone for almost one year, it is nice to unpack little by little. Old treasures seem brand new. But, I have to say, it is also a bit chaotic… Stuff is literally everywhere.
In between catching up with friends, I have been trying to create a nice working space, where I can create… well, magic!
In big cardboard boxes I have found my huge collection of magazines, most of them Vogue and Nylon ( my favorites ) , which I have collected for many years. My make up books, old make up courses, and lots and lots of documentation. Shelfs filled with products, old and new, still need some sorting out. Trying out products is one of my absolute favorite things to do!You can definitely say I am in a spring cleaning kind of mood. That is the beauty of spring! All is brand new, colorful and joyful. Ready for the new!

To me it is very important to have some space entirely to myself where I can do my thing. Play with colors, stare at pictures and get my inspiration flowing. Start drawing, and making face charts… preparing for coming september : House Of Orange! Literally, I am counting the days!

Pawpaw to the rescue

Pawpaw to the rescue

Last week in paradise, with the people I love deeply… and I got sick….
It started with a teeny tiny cold sore and it got worse. Feeling feverish, tired, and the cold sore doubled in size!
I still had the best week of my life though! Didn’t let it get me down, and still had so so SO much fun!!
What I wanted to share with you guys is what kept my cold sore from growing to something the size of Jupiter! And that is : Pawpaw ointment! By brands Lucas and Pure. Both of them worked wonders on my sore lips! Keeping those dry cracked lips moisturized is of great importance to get them soft and kissable again in no time!
PawPaw is also fantastic for mums to be ( bye bye stretch marks ), and you can use it as a hand cream, or apply on dry skin areas ( for example elbows ). It just does the trick, it is that simple!


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