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photo Ronald Stoops, make-up Inge Grognard, concept/styling Jurgi Persoons, art direction campaign Peter de Potter, textile project Eden Latham, model Simon@Rebel Management, graphic design Dayna Casey & Nina Couvert, photo assistance Jorre Janssens & Sander Muylaert, make-up assistance Cato Vreys ( Tokimua )

Vintage in red

tokimua post

Eyes : MAC Brulee – liquid liner black
           MAC brown

Masara YSL

MAC Paintpot

MAC Honey Lush

Skin: Teint Visionaire Lancome 02

          MAC face & body

Laura Mercier concealer

YSL Touche Eclat 1.5

Maq Pro HD powder

Maq Pro sculpting pallet

Lips : Lancome pencil 111 rouge Ebene

MAC Lady Danger

Brows: Dark skin concealer using an angled brush by maq pro

New Work !


House of Orange Makeup School Endshoot
Photography: Jip Merkies / Meis Belle Wahr / Jasper Rens van Es
Styling: Mark Stadman
Hair: Siko van Berkel
Makeup: Cato Vreys ( Tokimua )
Model: Milou Kosters
Art-direction: Clayton Leslie & John Kattenberg


Kaat Tilly – Between Heaven & Earth : The Comédiennes

10478581_10152528299071321_748455015929529113_nIt was such a fantastic experience working on the show of Kaat Tilly in Gent !  I met wonderful and talented people from all over Belgium.  It was like a dream coming true.  A fairy like theme filled with comediennes ( see the picture above ), dancers, opera singers and so much more.  I saw the show, and the work that I put into it, and it seriously gave me goosebumps.  Enthusiastic and proud and leaving me hungry for more! The people I have met were so friendly and nice, gave me tons of advice and tips. I couldn’t have asked for more.  I learned so much from Geneviève Lacroix and Lucia Finken Saraiva by just watching them and talking to them. I literally thanked my lucky stars for this opportunity.

As a beginning make up artist, it is a bit of a struggle to find work. Especially payed work.  And although it is normal for your first jobs to be voluntary, which is good to learn, gain experience, network, building your resume and so on ), it’s a bit of a struggle to make a living. Kind of figures, of course.

It is a great way to network, which is of extreme importance in the business. Keeping your eye on the goal. Keeping your positive energy. People will see you work, and If you show your good mood, your eagerness to learn, your social abilities… They will remember you and they will keep on asking you for new assignments.

You also learn a lot from those first jobs.  From amazing products you never heard of, to organizing your work station, your kit. Putting yourself out there is a massive assignment which in the very beginning can be a little intimidating. But you have to get over that hill and enjoy the view.

What I also find very important is that you have friends and family who support you with their love. Who stand beside you.  Yes, you are choosing a road  less travelled. With a lot of insecurities money wise. Well, in the beginning that is.  But it is a path that leads to amazing adventures. And if you work hard, you will grow and grow. You will keep on getting better, and so will your bank account.    You might ( just like me ) have to combine it with a regular daytime job, full or partime )  so I am focussing on a daytime job at the moment in make up ( like M.A.C and so on ).

Big tip from the artists I worked with those few days : don’t work on your friends for free. Keep on trying to find paying customers ( wedding, party make up and make overs ).  They will put food on the table ( or make up in the kit ) and spread around your name, giving you more work.

Thanks to workig at the Kaat Tilly event, I now got a new assignment.  This time for a movie project called  “Laura”.   Can’t wait to get started!

Hope the beginners out there found this a little bit usefull.  All I can say is, hang in there. Work hard, with a smile. Surround yourself with people who love & support you and whom you love and support.




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